Course Curriculum

Understand the threat: an analysis of victim targeting, surveillance, the structure and processes of kidnap and extortion.
Understand the necessity of an effective Kidnap and Extortion Management System
Understand the key components to a Kidnap Management System
Understand risk reduction and mitigation measures
Develop Kidnap and Extortion policies for your organisation
Develop secure communications systems for kidnap and extortion incidents
Understand how to establish communication and information channels with security forces and outside agencies
Develop procedures for communicating with families and dependents
Understand how to communicate with the media
Understand how to manage information
Assess and Analyse information being received during an incident
Assess and test options available to the organisation
Understand how to communicate with kidnappers or extortionists
Develop options to resolve the situation
Develop a plan to resolve the situation
Implement resolution plan
Analyse and assess incidents, review policies, procedures and training requirements.

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