Kidnap and Extortion Management

Policy, Procedure and Response Systems for Kidnapping and Extortion Incidents.


    Course Title: Kidnap & Extortion Management

    Also known as: Kidnap Incident Management Course, Kidnap and Ransom (K&R) Training, Managing a Kidnap Incident, kidnap & Crisis Response, 

    Duration: 3 Days (Crisis & Critical Event Management or equivalent must be completed prior to this course)

    Course Format: Classroom & Scenario Based  

    Course Overview:

    Evosecs Kidnap and Extortion Management course is designed to develop the core skills and knowledge required to effectively manage a kidnapping and extortion incidents. This course is based on techniques that have been effectively used internationally in resolving kidnappings.  Our trainers and consultants have first-hand experience in managing and resolving kidnappings on behalf of humanitarian and corporate organisations.

    Participants will receive instruction on policy development, and design of procedures to mitigate the risk of kidnapping and extortion. The course sets out the planning requirements to manage kidnappings and extortion.  The course will cover the analytic and decision-making processes.

    Participants will learn how to create the structures and processes required to effectively deal with these types of incidents: how to interact with security forces, the media, families of victims and political and diplomatic agencies.

    The kidnap management course is designed to help create a kidnap management structure that can be used in a variety of cultural environments. The course will focus on regional differences and types of kidnappings.  It will detail the processes for developing strategies to mitigate and/or resolve kidnappings and extortion, including victim awareness guidance.

    Further training is available for country and region specific kidnap management in areas including:

    • Afghanistan
    • Kenya
    • Uganda
    • Mozambique
    • Ivory Coast
    • DRC
    • Syria
    • Central Asia
    • East Africa
    • West Africa
    • Northern Africa
    • Middle East

    Course Structure:

    This course is a 3 day residential programme and all participants will be required to stay in accommodation for the duration of the course. The Kidnap and extortion management course can be taken simultaneously with the Crisis and Critical Event Management Course with sufficient participants.


    This course can be modified to fit a number of industries and regions. Optional extra days can include:

    • Country Specific
    • Region Specific
    • Organisation Specific

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