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Understand the necessity of an effective crisis management system
Understand the structure of a crisis management system
Design effective communication systems
List the different communication systems that can be utilised
List the relative pros and cons of each communication system
Understand the importance of information management
Develop systems for dealing with critical information
Understand how to manage organisational information
Understand how to communicate with family and dependents
Design effective communication channels with security forces and other agencies
Design structures for dealing with the media during crisis.
Assess threat/risk for upcoming critical events
Collate and analyse information received about critical events
Design mitigation measures appropriate to threatened critical events
Understand the key components of a crisis management plan
Understand how to implement a crisis management plan
Collate and analyse information received during major incidents
Understand how to manage an on-going incident
Understand systems required for Business/Operation continuity during and crises.
Understand assessment and decision making process
Identify options and alternatives in different crisis scenarios
Understand how to test options and alternatives to ensure effective decision-making
Design, implement and manage crisis management strategies in a variety of scenarios
Understand why training and testing of crisis management systems is important
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  • 5 Days

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